Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bookend Soccer

I love watching Jack play with Clive.  
He is a really great with him.  
Yesterday they played soccer 
in the front yard after school~ 
I am so grateful for the beautiful weather!  
I shot these with my 70-200.
I encourage you to take pics of your kiddos playing together, these are priceless to me!
Enjoy and Cheers,

Jack is turning into a young man, I am so proud of him.   

Clive is just dreamy cute to me and he is just as sweet as he is darling.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gorgeous Texas Day in the Front Yard with Middles and Curly Dog 

Curly Dog is in need of a bath! But he still looks precious in these shots below.  I read in an article that dogs are the only animals who actually give you eye contact and they desire it from their owners.  So sweet.  We love C Dog!!! 

All four of my boys are big into baseball~ We are loving this amazing weather here this past week in Dallas!  Lots of outdoor time which is a must for our family!  Thankful for it!  Here are some quick snapshots of my middle boys…Cuties <3

I shot these with my 50mm~ One of my favorite lenses!  
Hope you have a great day and enjoy this amazing weather!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Here is a look at my first wedding, Thank you London & Ryan!!!  

Just Click on the link to view :)

February 9, 2015

I have been slacking with my blog!  I was just going through some pictures and wanted to post some and share some background~  ENJOY!!   

Allie is a stunning ballerina that is now at UT dancing on a scholarship.  She is graceful, sweet and so strong!  I enjoyed our time together and it was so fun for her girlfriend to come and bring out some of Allie's fun loving personality.  

Below is Anna who is now studying and having a blast I am sure at Baylor~ So well spoken and fun to shoot.  I ended up taking pictures of Anna and her twin as well as their entire family~

 Below are from some of my favorite senior shots~ 
Claire Emily and Emily

The Castillo family~ When you go to my website, there is a picture of Allison with Haddie and baby Tess~ I met Allison before she was pregnant with Tess.  She is a Stella and Dot Rep and I met her at one of her parties.  We became fast friends and I have shot her family several times through the years.  I also host a S&D party twice a year~ The first picture is Haddie and Tess, second is the family with baby Tanner~ They are a dear family to me and I have always loved how the photographs have turned out. 

 I first took pictures of Lilian's parents!  They are on my website.  I was getting my hair done and the two of them worked at the same salon, Muse.  Omar rides a motorcycle and has tattoos and Meredith is gorgeous with long amazing hair~ They let me take their pictures and we have been friends since!  Lilian is now  close to 3 and such a beautiful girl! 

TWINS!  my first shot of taking pictures of twin babies!!  I shot the maternity pictures the day before Luisa went into labor!!  I look forward to taking more pictures of this sweet family!

 Moore Boys~ Have known these cuties since the oldest was being pushed in a stroller!!  Loved shooting their family Christmas pictures.  Amy is a friend whom I wish we could spend more time together!  So easy to talk to and I love her taste!  As well as the fact our boys are similar ages :)

 The Moore Family shoot taken right before their oldest son went to college.  It was precious how much this family loves each other. 

 Myers Shoot~ One of my favorites with the lighting~ and on top of that, I didn't really know Paul and Laura before this shoot.  They were so fun and easy to be around.  I still think about how beautiful their house is and what a sweet family they are!  

Page Family shoot~ Dallas Arboretum
I have known Becky since Texas Tech days~ I really enjoyed spending time with her family and learning more about her work as a counselor and Plexus Rep!  It was a treat!

The Schuhmachers have used me a couple times now for beach shots!  This year we shot around Seaside.  The one below from Frost Bites was a gem~ the workers let the kids in there to pose~ I am pretty sure they knew who they were since they went everyday there to get some treats?!!  

If you know me, you know my favorite place is at the beach~ I want to go as much as possible!  SO combining taking pictures at the beach of some of my favorite family friends was a blast!
Thank you Hickersons!!!  Great memories! 

I love love love this mother daughter shot~ both so gorgeous

The Whiteheads family pictures was a treasure to me~ I already knew Kim was a neat friend and it meant so much they chose me to spend time taking their last family photos together before their oldest daughter leaves for college.