Monday, July 15, 2013

My First Wedding!

I had the honor of taking pictures of this sweet couple!  I am grateful for the parents who trusted me to do this since it was my very first wedding to shoot.  I loved every minute of it and look forward to doing more weddings in my future!!!!  



  1. So beautiful!!!! You are incredibly talented, Shareese!

  2. I want a do-over on my wedding! Will you shoot it? You really captured this beautiful event so well.

  3. Great job! That bride with those groomsmen captured her happiness perfectly. Love that you didn't do the "traditional" thing...lots of cool close-up shots that were awesome. You are super talented, lady!

  4. This may have been your first wedding, but it won't be your last. You have God-given talent and timing!
    Thank you Shareese for capturing the happiness that all of us felt that day. You captured our best moments in the most creative ways.